What can I say about myself? Well I am:

  • A creator
  • A mom (see photo)
  • A wife, but not in the “traditional” sense. Like, I’m married, but that’s about all that defines me as a wife
  • A cook, sometimes I’m a good cook, sometimes a not-so-good cook
  • Messy. Not dirty. Just, sometimes, I don’t always put things away when I’m done with them, because am I really ever done with something?
  • An arguer
  • A person with a passion for sustainability but who also enjoys convenience (which are known to be mortal enemies at times)
  • Someone who converted their talent for killing plants into a joy of keeping them alive, and possibly, even evolving that joy into a career, who knows?
  • A small business owner and entrepreneur (are those the same thing? I don’t care, I claim both.)
  • Someone who cannot sit still; I always have something in my hands
  • One of those people who always needs background noise, usually the TV, often The Office
  • A wedding coordinator (and a damn good one according to my clients)
  • A fan of cats, but can never say no to some great doggo cuddles
  • Someone who loves cheese and all its ooey gooey goodness
  • Someone who strives for efficiency yet married a man who sometimes doesn’t know what that means
  • Someone who grew up in adverse conditions, but made herself into something great anyway
  • A serial project starter, but only a casual project completer (maybe this blog will help with that?)
  • A university student
  • A survivor of things I prefer to talk about with a content warning at the top, so if you want to know more about that, maybe I’ll have some stuff up on my blog
  • An over sharer (sorry not sorry)
  • Someone who is striving to do right by her child, her future children, her husband, her friends and family, her community, and the earth. One step at a time.

If you’ve made it through my weird list of identifiers, great, hi, I’m Breanne Dodge. And Basil Bee is my newest baby. I have a lot to say and for now, this is probably the best format. Basil Bee will (hopefully) document my life while sharing my joys and knowledge and learnings with you. I want to share my fun hobbies with you and maybe inspire you to create too! My primary focus here will be gardening and kitchen, but I will be including my little bundle of chaos in my writings too because I’m stuck living that hashtag mom-life.

If you’re wondering about the other cute lady in the photo (the one in yellow), her name is Cecilia and she is my little sidekick. I don’t do much without her, mostly because childcare is expensive. This child is a ball of energy and literally since I was pregnant with her and could feel her little flutters, she has not. stopped. moving. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with her, but every moment is worth it. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. The best thing about Cecilia is that by being her mother, I get to see the world as this crazy cool new place, and maybe get to learn a little more about it through teaching her how to life.